fair-trade certified production

Fairtrade certified production FTFI (FairTrade Forum India)


With the production of 7 c l o u d s, we assure that the employees are fair for the work they perform. The "fair trade" thus involves a reasonable remuneration of the staff, a negotiated price which covers the production costs and provides a long-term income. It also includes long-term production guarantees and employee training, which can also be seen as having a lifelong effect.

We take care of economic opportunities and justice.

Our responsibility:

1. We stand for fair compensation for our employees.

2. We grant jobs without discrimination. We also create jobs for women and socially disadvantaged people.

3. We guarantee a clean and safe workplace.

4. We promote economic stability by pre-financing 65% of production costs. 100% of the costs are paid before delivery.

5. We guarantee that no children are involved in our production process.

6. We pursue an environmentally friendly and sustainable production process, which we try to do as well as possible in our transport routes.



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FAIR-TRADE production certification