7clouds trendy shopper backpack Shams 7.2 black
7clouds designer backpack Aduna 7.1
office messenger bag Feldhas in black from 7clouds
7clouds purse Ines in tarpaulin
laptop backpack from 7clouds waterproof Fobis 7.1
Cabin baggage backpack Agal 7.1 in red from 7clouds
styler backpack Ikon 7.1 from 7clouds
designer shopper backpack Mendo 7.1 black from 7clouds Switzerland
lady backpack Tossa black from 7clouds

RFID-signal blocking technology

Our wallets have integrated an RFID signal-blocking foil so that it is not illegal to spy on the data of credit cards or bank cards for credit card fraud. "Skimming illegally obtains map data by reading data from magnetic stripe and copying it onto fake cards.

Tablet sleeves

shopper-backpack Shams

Shams combines the functions of a shopper and backpack. The result of this merger is the lady-shopper Shams.
The applications are held in vegetable tanned buffalo leather. Shams promises timeless, simple design ...

we introduce.....     the new upcycled compact keyholders

The compact keyholders keycabins are our latest project.

By setting up our own keycabins production in Switzerland, we have achieved a new goal in terms of sustainability and passion. We took advantage of the opportunity and were able to realize an area extension at our warehouse. This is how we developed the first compact keyholders from upcycling materials. Much sweat, sleepless nights and headaches led to our smart-living products.

We use materials such as snowboard skins, parquet floor rests, vinyl LPs and leather leftovers from our production.

We are proud to produce the keycabins ourselves.

Ja, ich möchte - widerruflich - Informationen zu Ihren Produkten per E-Mail erhalten.